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How to help a grieving friend

West University Buzz 2005

 When our friends or family members are struggling with issues of loss and bereavement, it is often difficult ot know how to help or what to say. Being a friend during this time may test your courage, patience, and emotional strength. It is important just to be there. Listen without speaking. Listen with your heart; your caring will be heard. Provide physical comfort instead of offering easy answers or platitudes. Your friend may lack energy; offer to run errands or help with chores. Respect the mourner's boundaries. Being a companion to one another in times of loss reminds us that we all have the capacity to share deep feelings. Dr. Marjorie Kosoy and Sheryl Levin, cofounders of the Red Bird Center, respect the grief process and provide a comforting place where those suffering loss find acceptance and unconditional caring. Our mission is to guide those in mourning throught their journey and encourage hope for the future. We provide individual, family and situation specific grief groups.